Baldi’s Basics 7 Notebooks

For kids, school is a total nightmare. And not because they don’t love studying. It’s just that some teachers are real monsters! Look at this tall, skinny and bald dude. This is Baldi. The world has never seen a meaner and crueler teacher! He won’t forgive you a single mistake. There 7 tests for you to complete. And if you fail answering even one of the questions, he is going to snap and chase you all over the school. The man may seem rather weak, but with every mistake of yours his speed will grow and soon you’ll find it challenging to make him lose your track! Besides, he has a good ear. If you make a sound, he’ll know where you are. Many of the characters you’ll meet at school are also on his side. Will be able to get out of this terrible place with all seven notebooks before Baldi gets him hands on you? The school day has just started, it will be long and tough… And Baldi will use every chance to hunt you down and beat you up. Don’t get caught and make it home safely having passed all the trials!