Baldi’s Basics for PC

School is a terrible place, but it gets even uglier with some like Baldi teaching math! It’s hard to imagine why a person of his character and temper would willingly decide to work at school. Perhaps he just enjoys terrorizing kids. Our hero is the one Baldi particularly dislikes. He uses every opportunity to once again tell him how stupid he is and also uses his huge pointer to smack that into his brain. No wonder the poor guy hates his classes so much. But he has no choice except doing his home assignments and trying to answers all the questions correctly. Baldi is cunning and mean, though. He gives him the trickiest tasks hoping he will fail. And when our hero finally makes a mistake, he doesn’t have to wait long to pay for that.

 You have a total of seven classes today. At each, you have to fill out a notebook containing three tasks. If you don’t accomplish your mission well enough, Baldi will go ballistic on you. He’ll chase you around the entire campus and despite the fact that he looks quite skinny and feeble, you can be sure he will eventually drive you into a corner. That is, if you aren’t agile and smart enough. The school has many hallways you can dive into rescuing your skin and many places where you can hide. The difficulty is that many of other characters on the campus will also block your path, chase you and even attack you. Luckily, you can get on better terms with them by offering them gifts from your inventory and using other tricks to change their attitude. Escape Baldi’s grip and get out of school safe and sound with all seven notebooks in your backpack!