Baldi’s Basic’s Full Game

The most famous crazy teacher wants to play with you! Are you ready for the most violent and strange math lesson ever? Then enter the game and try not to get your hair grey from fear. This is Baldi’s Basics, one of the most popular indie horrors of the last century. We have a full version of this game uploaded for you, so feel free to enjoy it at any time! So what exactly is waiting for you in this creepy story? The first thing you will surely notice is wacky graphics. The characters and environment look like they have been drawn by a really unhealthy person. At times when studios compete for making the most realistic monsters in the world, indie developers do another ingenious thing. As you will understand very soon, strange pictures are incredibly disturbing. We insist that they are even more anxious and frightening than realism! So just give it a try and you will feel like the cold is running up your spine every time you see angry Baldi running towards you.

Second, an absolutely absurd plot. Baldi is your math teacher and he has assignments for you. Being a good student, you will try to solve them at once. However, in a couple of minutes, you will see that these are not the problems that could be solved. Ever. By anyone! They are just wrong, like everything in this school. This is not something that bothers your teacher – he will try to beat you to death no matter how ridiculous his own ideas are. So the aim of the game is to gather three items, namely – the notebooks. They will help you find the way out of this school before it is too late. Beware – Baldi is somewhere near, he is walking along the corridors, and you don’t want to meet him. His large ruler will become a deadly weapon and you risk to die in this place. So be sure to find the notebooks as fast as possible and make your way out of here!