Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning 2

Baldi’s Schoolhouse is full of dangerous and weird characters. You need to get past them if you hope to make it out of here alive. One of them is a Bully who looks like a disproportionally shaped humanoid wearing an orange sweater with blue cylinders in place of legs and a really ugly face. When you see him, you are alerted about that with a floating text with brown letters saying that this is a bully. You will usually meet him in the middle of your escape cycle. Although a Bully doesn’t make any aggressive moves, he blocks the hallways preventing you from using them when you are running away from Baldi.  However, you can get a Bully out of your way by giving him a small bribe. For that, you need to approach him holding an item. Then a Bully will thank you for you present and let you pass. Afterwards, you’ll discover a random item disappear from your backpack. The trick here is to come up to a Bully with an item in your hand. Regardless of the number of items you have in your inventory, he’ll keep blocking your path if your intentions are not clear.

 Although a Bully is stationary and doesn’t threaten your health or life, he can still get you in trouble. When Baldi is about to snatch you and every second counts, looking for another hallway to make your escape can really slow you down. So if you see one at the end of a corridor, don’t hesitate to rake your inventory for things you can sacrifice to pass down the hall. There are also many other characters waiting for you on the campus, some of them quite tricky to deal with. Learn how to make the switch over to your side and avoid getting into Baldi’s evil hands!