Baldi’s Basics in Roblox

There are teachers who work at school to do one single thing – take it out on poor kids. They don’t care how well you really know their subject. In fact, the worse the better. If you make mistakes, they are in the right to yell at you, give you a few D’s and even smack you with a pointer. This is how Baldi thinks naughty kids should be treated. Don’t even hope to escape his wrath! Today he prepared particularly tricky tasks for you. There are seven notebooks you need to fill out before the end of the school day. Each contains three questions, and even the most brilliant student won’t answer them without failing once. That’s exactly what Baldi is waiting for. So stay on the alert and get ready to run for your life if you see him walking across the classroom towards you with an angry face.

 Baldi isn’t easy to get rid of. He will persistently follow you around the entire campus and there is no place where you can hide from him. Moreover, other students will be helping him blocking the hallways and even attacking you. Luckily, there is a way to fix it. For instance, you can coax a bully into letting you pass by offering him a candy. Learn how different tricks work with different characters to stay out of trouble in Baldi’s Basics in Roblox.

 Baldi is also very sensitive to sounds. While he will hear every noise you produce, he is also easy to drive away, for instance, by turning on the tape recorder in the teacher’s room. This is a nice trick if Baldi is already at arm’s length and there seems to be no other way to shake him off your tail. But he will definitely come back, so it only gives you a couple of spare seconds to maximize your distance from him. Will you manage to accomplish all the tasks? Let’s see!