Baldi’s Basics in School

Although Baldi’s Basics was a quick knock-together for a competition, it gained fame rather fast and in a few months was a hot sell on the gaming market. People describe it as a ‘horrifying yet nostalgic educative entertainment with a tint of the 90’s to it.’ Let’s see what’s so shaking about it. You will assume the role of one of the students in an establishment called Baldi’s Schoolhouse. Your task is to collect seven notebooks you will discover on the campus, each with three math tasks for you to solve. However, there is one problem and it’s Baldi. He is a teacher, but he has a very quick temper. If you fail at answering the questions, he gets mad and sets out to hunt you. This is where survival horror starts. If Baldi catches you, the screen goes blank and you have to restart. So it’s in your best interest to solve all the tasks correctly. Be on the alert, Baldi hears every sound you make. If he hears you, he’ll find you, so don’t make a lot of noise. There are also other characters who will try to prevent you from getting out of school safely, including bullies, jump-rocking girls, sock-puppets, talking brooms and the school principal. You’re about to overcome all those obstacles and get home before Baldi makes his move on you!