Baldi’s Basics Minecraft

Being a student is a very uneasy task, and everything gets worse, when someone tries to make your life even more complicated. Then your life turns into an awful horror story, and you have to follow the set rules to stay alive. You can try your hand at an indie horror game, which became popular very quickly, and you can become one of the admirers all over the world. The title of the game is Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, and your character is a poor student, which suffers from the crazy teacher. You have to go all the way along the game, face numerous enemies and find your way from this awful minecraft school just to come back there next time to study again.

 Professor decided to make you find seven notebooks, which he carefully hid in the school. You have to find all of them, and solve all the problems, which contains every notebook. Even if you manage to find the notebook, you will hardly be able to solve the problems, because one of three tasks is always impossible to solve. This makes the game worse every time, because the tutor gets angry, when he sees your mistake. He feels the instant urge to kill his stupid pupil, and you have to be very careful because of this. Right the moment that you start the game, you are warned about the content of the game, its violence and scary loud noises. And there will be a lot of corporal punishment, because it’s the only way of teaching, which our professor is aware of in unblocked version.

 The angry professor is not your only problem if you have hack and cheats. You will meet a lot of other people and non-living objects that suddenly become animated. They will talk to you and distract your attention and in this way make your situation more and more complicated. You need to find a way to get rid of them, otherwise you won’t be able to get out of school alive. By the way, if you think that this game can teach you something, you are wrong. You won’t learn anything new from the math problems, because some of them are totally inadequate, and just a time-killing. And the enormous number of stopping enemies, which are not trying to kill you, but spoil your life, adds horror to the situation. Don’t try too hard to make your professor love you and not punish you, because he will do the last thing in any case. Just pull yourself together, and try to struggle through.