Baldi’s Basics Mode

Welcome to Baldi’s Schoolhouse, a place that is a nightmare for every kid. It is run by Baldi, an unpleasant-looking man with a terrible character. He teaches math and demands absolute knowledge of his subject. Those who make even a single mistake while filling out the notebook are cruelly punished. Our hero is one of the children suffering his tyranny. Baldi seems to have a personal grudge against him. Today he decided to give him a record number of D’s and encourage his memory by means of psychical persuasion. His huge pointer is swaying threateningly in his hand… Time to get out! The pursuit will unfold across the entire campus. You have to successfully fill out seven notebooks, all while slipping away the very moment Baldi is about to grab you on the sleeve of your school uniform. Keep an eye on your stamina bar and don’t forget to refill your energy level with a chocolate if you can’t run anymore. You need to move around very cautiously, without making a lot of noise, because Baldi is lurking nearby. Beware of other people on the campus – they’ll try to slow you down and even injure you, but you can always find a way to change their loyalty by offering them some things from your inventory. The school day begins, hopefully you’ll survive it!