Do you like scary movies? Well, they are good, but it’s more interesting to become a part of something special, and here you have such an opportunity. This game is called Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, but it has nothing to do with educational games for kids. This is an indie horror game, and it resembles a bit those, which were made in 90’s. If you aren’t familiar with this style, don’t be afraid. It just means the peculiarity of graphics and lack of those special effects, which contemporary games are full with. This game was created in a very limited period of time, but if you play it, you will see that it didn’t lose its charm because of this.

 The action takes place in a schoolhouse, and your character is a student. And what all the students do? Of course, they are studying. Our character seems to be quite normal, until he gets a task to collect seven notebooks, which are left all over the campus. Finding all of them isn’t an easy task, and he has to solve mathematical tasks, written I them. Every notebook contains three tasks, but some of them can’t be solved, this is how the game is programmed, so you should be aware of it. This situation is very nerving, and this poor meets plenty of other people on his way that distract his attention. He becomes really mad, and he feels he has to kill everyone, who comes on his way. In this page you can see all endings.

 Your character turns into a terrible monster, but even if he succeeds in his fight, there are creatures, who try to minimize this progress. Everything just like in real life: when you start doing something really important, there is always someone, who will interfere in your business. Strange creatures will appear alongside with usual people, and you need to know, which ones will add points to your statistics, and which ones will minimize them. Your task is to collect all notebooks and leave safely the school. If you do this, a big title will appear on the screen, which will inform you that you became a winner. Remember that every problem you can’t solve makes your professor really mad, and in this case you should be very cautious. But if you want to play the deadly game, you can give wrong answers for the two first notebooks, and this automatically means death for your character. No restrictions, only your desire to become a part of a horror game.