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Let’s be honest, did you like school? If your answer is yes, then you probably weren’t just one of the smart kids, but also had good teachers. However, not everyone is so lucky. Our hero has to suffer every day from someone named Baldi. This disgusting dude teaches math, but he has a quite aggressive approach. You don’t have a right for a single mistake. If you fail to pass the test, he’ll fly into a rage and start pursuing you all over the school. Although Baldi might seem physically unfit, he rans very fast. And his speed increases with every mistake you make. You have to fill out seven notebooks before you can go home. By the end of the classes, Baldi will move faster than you and you will find it difficult to run away. Besides, your stamina wears off, so keep your eyes on the bar to know how long you can keep running. If you are out of energy to survive the pursuit, you can have a revitalizing snack you’re carrying in your backpack. Baldi carefully listens to everything happening in the school, he will discover you if you make a lot of noise. In addition, he has spies everywhere. Many characters you’re going to meet on the campus will try and hinder you, so stay alert and don’t believe every person you see, even if they pretend to be your friends!