Hack and Secrets

Everyone had a school teacher who would terrorize the entire class. Such teachers are arrogant, hot-tempered and no strangers to physical punishment. They hate children. Baldi is just like that. He is always glad to put you down and poke your nose into your mistakes. He starts every class with a quick test, each containing three questions, and if you are unlucky to fail it, beware! Baldi will grab his pointer and chase you obviously intending to teach you a lesson in a way you won’t like and this is his secret. Then you can only hope you’re able to run away from him. After all, the campus is pretty big, there are plenty of places to hide and u can win them only with cheats and hack. But you can’t relax even for a second. Many of the characters you’ll meet around work for Baldi. The innocent-looking girls jumping the rope, school bullies and even the principal – you can’t trust them! Analyze the words and behavior of each character to know whether they are here to help or hinder you. Remember also that Baldi has a good ear, he hears even the slightest noises, so if you forget about safety and behave in a loud way when he’s near, he’ll definitely spot you. There are seven notebooks for you to collect before the classes end and you can finally escape from this nightmare. Good luck, you are going to need it!